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Emetephobia - What Are Anti-Emetics? - Jonnyjonny_uk - 01-11-2008 12:08 AM

What Are Anti-Emetics?
Anti-emetics are commonly used by cancer patients who are going through chemotherapy, this form of therapy can cause severe sickness and vomiting. Anti-emetics are also known as;

Over the past 20 years the quality and effect of these drugs have dramatically improved, and there are a wide variety available from your doctor, anti-emetics can only be prescribed via a doctor and not brought over the counter. There are other alternatives therapy's and ideas that can be used to reduce the feeling of nausea.

There are drugs that are available that can induce sickness, this can be a a good thing if you have alcohol poising for example. Some emetophobes have taken these drugs to discover if they are cured or if it can help cure them of this phobia. However, you should not take these unless you are ABSOLUTLY CERTAIN as they can potentially destroy all the progress that you have made.

How Do Anti-Emetics Work?
All anti-emetics work in one of three ways;

Blocking signals from and to the vomit centre
Blocking receptors in your gut that trigger nausea in the brain
Acting directly on your stomach by increasing the rate at which it empties and moves food through your bowel.

Types Of Anti-Emetic
There are so many different types of anti-emetics that can be prescribed via your doctor, some of the more common varieties are listed below;

Metoclopramide, this is the cheapest and most common anti-emetic used. It works by blocking the vomiting centre of the brain. It also works upon the gut and encourages the stomach to empty it contents, it also help to prevent the feeling of bloatedness.
Prochlorperazine, this is widely used in US hospitals, and work by blocking the vomit centre. However, these tend to have drowsiness as a side effect.
Domeridone, this is best used for general sickness and specifically chemotherapy sickness. This works by blocking messages to the vomit centre in your brain.
Serotonin Blockers, these are good for general sickness. They work best when taken with steroids, they are named after they work, by blocking serotonin or 5HT3 blockers, they block the receptors in the gut and brain that sends messages to the vomit centre.

How To Take Anti-Emetics
There are many ways that you take anti-emetics, some of these are listed below;

By mouth as a tablet or liquid
By injection or drip into a vein
By a skin patch
As a tablet that dissolves under your tongue
As a suppository
The easiest and most common method is to swallow tablets.

Note: Taking an anti-emetic can be damaging to you and your progress, as you may feel dependant upon them to stop you from vomiting.