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Herbal Remedies for Anxiety - Stress-Free Herbal Cures - Jonnyjonny_uk - 11-19-2007 09:28 PM

Studies on the use of alternative medicine have revealed effective herbal remedies for anxiety that are capable of relieving stress, tension, and unwanted fear. Below are common herbal remedies for anxiety which have gained recognition for the past decades:

Passion flower (or Passiflora incarnata) - cure for insomnia and historically been used as a sedative. It can ease "nervous" gastrointestinal complaints, and is believed to be able to reduce nervous tremors and lower high blood pressure.

Lavender (or Lavandula augustifolia) - is a general tonic for the nervous system and is well-known for its calming properties, making it among the most effective of natural panic attack and anxiety herbal remedies.

Lemon Balm (or Melissa Officinalis) - used as a restorative for the nervous system, calms the digestive system, and reduces blood pressure.

Catnip (Nepeta Cataria) - has a soothing effect and relieves anxiety. It has sharp fragrance and is attractive and exciting to cats, which enjoy eating catnip.

Fennel (Foeniculum vulgare) - relieves gastrointestinal problems and is used widely in Italy as an aromatic condiment and as a medicine.

Kava - is an herbal remedy that helps minimize anxiety. Kava Tincture or capsule is made from the dried roots and rhizome of a bush of the pepper.

Hop (Humulus lupulus) - has a bitter flavor and aroma. It is used as a sedative and causes a relaxing effect on the nervous system.

Motherwort (Leonurus) - has rather a pungent odor and a very bitter taste. Nonetheless, it helps stabilize emotions and has a calming effect.

Skullcap - is also called helmet flower for the shape of the flowers, which look like a knight's helmet with the visor up. It's tincture or capsules help relax and nourish the nervous system and induce sleep.

Saint John's Wort (Hypericum perforatum) - commonly used as alternative medicine for the treatment of mild depression. The flowers of the plant have been used for centuries to heal skin wounds and treat depression, anxiety, and insomnia.

Valerian shrub (Valeriana officinalis) - is cultivated as an ornamental; its roots are the source of a sedative drug. Its calming effect helps anxiety and relieves people with insomnia.

Evidence may differ depending on the supplement and the anxiety disorder; however, the use of these herbal remedies for anxiety can collaborate in developing dietary supplement strategies that minimize health risks and maximize benefits to well-being.

Re: Herbal Remedies for Anxiety - Stress-Free Herbal Cures - beccaebony - 11-21-2007 12:08 AM

flower essences are also excellent!

rescue rememdy is a great for stressfull situations, helping you calm down and reduce anxiety. there's also the following:

aspen: fear of unknown things; helps people who suffer from ungrounded anxiety
mimulus: fear of known things; helps shyness, and fear of things known and familiar
rock rose: terror or panic; helps regain calm and composure after a frightening experience (i also use this for panic attacks)

Re: Herbal Remedies for Anxiety - Stress-Free Herbal Cures - Barrucadu - 11-21-2007 10:25 AM

I have found mint to be a good headache cure.

Re: Herbal Remedies for Anxiety - Stress-Free Herbal Cures - beccaebony - 11-26-2007 01:22 AM

Barrucadu Wrote:I have found mint to be a good headache cure.

peppermint (mentha piperita) is a carminative, anti-spasmodic, aromatic, diaphoretic, anti-emetic, nervine, antiseptic and analgesic.

in english: it's fantastic for digestive problems, nausea, headaches and migraines, easing anxiety and tension etc etc.

i know that personally when my anxiety levels are higher i suffer from more headaches and i am also prone to getting migraines too. anxiety/migraines also make me feel really sick (in traditional chinese medicine it's said that different emotions will affect different parts of the body. anxiety will mess with your stomach). this is where peppermint comes in handy cos it helps all those things.

oh also, if you are using a herbal tea and want it medicinal strength, make sure you let it sit for at least 15 minutes.

Re: Herbal Remedies for Anxiety - Stress-Free Herbal Cures - destiny18_au - 12-16-2007 10:43 PM

Can someone tell me what warnings come with these herbs like who can take them or who can't. I'm really interested in the rock rose. Of course I know the obvious like if you have an allergy, but because I have lupus I have to watch what herbs I take. I've looked it up but can't find anything on who shouldn't be taking it. Also use rescue remedy and rescue remedy sleep I find they only last a little while, and I have to keep using them a numerous amount of time. I will try anything and everything if it will get rid of my fear.


Re: Herbal Remedies for Anxiety - Stress-Free Herbal Cures - beccaebony - 12-16-2007 11:10 PM

the only real time you should avoid herbal remedies is if you are already taking other drugs for your anxiety or other medical conditions.

flower essences are suitable for everybody to take, have no side effects and don't interact with any other medications.

the difference between rescue remedy and the rock rose, for instance, is that rescue rememdy and rescue remedy sleep is designed for when you are experiencing terror and need something now. where as rock rose you'd take on a daily basis for a long period of time.

if you have any herbs in particular in mind, aside from the flower essences, send me a message and i'll look it up for you Smile