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The Fear Of Being Crushed - darkknight14 - 06-27-2009 05:03 AM

In The 6th Grade, I was in the school play, annie. On the week of the show, the directors brought out a new prop. A giant wall. It took many people to move this wall so i helped the crew. The day before the show, we were going over the play. I was helping to move the wall when i felt it swaying. Before someone could tell me what was going on, the wall had fallen on my body, dangerously close to my face.

Ever since then i've had a fear that things will drop and crush me. I'd love if someone could explain a phobia for it or just help me figure out a name, thank you.

and why so serious?

Re: The Fear Of Being Crushed - Mr Ian - 06-28-2009 03:24 AM

Hi darkknight and welcone to oFear Wave

Well from the direct experience of having something fall on you - that gives you a lasting memory - and probably one that you had a little scare over at the time.
What happens with mood and memory is the two get tightly linked together - so whenever you get something that makes you feel scared like you did that time - then it will remind you of the time it did happen. Likewise - whenever you imagine getting crushed - it will bring out those feelings you felt again.

This is my theory of what's happening to you .....

You've now got a set memory pattern in your head - the feeling of fear is associated with things falling on you - so anything that makes you feel nervous or anxious will remind you of that memory - and reinforce the fear of something crushing you.

What's going 'wrong' is that you're probably associating every fear, panic, anxiety or nervous feeling with that one memory - so everything anxiety provoking is visualised as something falling on you when it's perhaps not about that at all.
It may be about social situations - asking a girl out; speaking in public; - or it could be about general anxiety that often goes with low self esteem.

What I'd suggest is you recognise that when you're having that crushing fear that you stop yourself from thinking of the crushing but accept something is making you feel anxious - and work out what it is.

Well... that's my theory....