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Fear of underwater mechanical objects & old submarines/ships - beegee123 - 04-23-2011 11:09 AM

Hi, first time posting! I randomly thought of Googling my longtime fear just now, and found out that a lot of people are scared of the same thing based on what I read on other sites.

I have an intense fear of underwater mechanical objects (even the hatches/vents at the bottoms of swimming pools). Anything robotic or even just man-made in the dark underwater scares the CRAP out of me (BTW I'm also pretty freaked out by Terminators from the movies - especially in Terminator Salvation where they make the creepy robot noises and have the even-worse underwater ones!)

Remember the sunken sub scene from Finding Nemo? Those underwater mines REALLY get me. I hate stuff like that! The sub itself isn't as bad for some reason, neither are sunken ships - though those do irk me a little.

Even worse, the scenes from any movie that show the propeller/underside of a ship. One of my worst fears is dying like the poor horse in that movie the Ring, being sucked down under the ship into the propellor. UGH! I shudder just thinking about it.

I once had a dream many years ago about being in some kind of industrial pool of water like at a treatment plant or even a nuclear reactor plant, and I looked down into the partially lit water and saw some kind of hatch or something along the floor, and then I looked and saw some huge random industrial-looking machine partially submerged with some kind of robot arm underwater - remembering the dream has been scary to me ever since.

I'm also afraid of when huge ships/cranes/machines are partially underwater and I look down and just see them trail off into nothing in the darkness. Freaking. Scary. I don't know why but the thought of being in the water with them makes my skin crawl. Its especially bad when I'm on a big ship and look down into the water right down the side of it, though its usually worse when the ship is stationary at dock then when its moving (now that I think of it, docks kind of scare me too!)

Anyone else experience something like this? I feel a little better knowing other people have similar issues but the fear itself is just so random!

RE: Fear of underwater mechanical objects & old submarines/ships - Harold-L - 04-23-2011 05:53 PM

Welcome to Ofear Beegee!Big Grin
Sorry, I can't really be of much help. I find your fear oddly interesting though. The fact that you specifically fear man-made objects under water; it's nothing I've heard about before. Blob5
Do you have any idea how it started? Did it start after that dream? How much does it affect you? I mean, you're able to be on a ship without completely freaking out? Are you okay swimming in the sea?

Whoa, that's a lot of questions.Tongue
It's good that you found out that you're not alone though. When it comes to phobias, people rarely are. We can fear just about anything, and there are usually others who fear the same thing. Even if it's not exactly the same fear, it's still a fear. So there's no need to suffer with these things alone.Cool

RE: Fear of underwater mechanical objects & old submarines/ships - Globetrotter - 04-25-2011 08:34 AM

Though I can't add anything new to what Harold has already said, welcome to the forum beegee123!


RE: Fear of underwater mechanical objects & old submarines/ships - beegee123 - 04-25-2011 08:50 AM

LOL thanks guys! I actually discovered that someone I know has almost the exact same fear! How strange. Icon_confused

Something I realized after reading someone's same-phobia post somewhere else - I can't even think about the underwater workings of amusement rides, things like flume/log rides and the Jaws ride at Universal Studios! It makes me cringe and shudder. Bizarre lol!

RE: Fear of underwater mechanical objects & old submarines/ships - Snooks - 04-25-2011 08:56 AM

Hello Beegee123,

Welcome to the forum. Im afraid i too have nothing in the way of advice, but i did wish to say hello and at least let you know that i am around should you ever wish to chat Smile

RE: Fear of underwater mechanical objects & old submarines/ships - Ritchie - 05-10-2011 08:32 PM

Hi Beegee123,

I have this phobia too..... My biggest biggest nightmare is that I'm swimming in a lake/ocean/river and my bare foot comes across a man made object such as a sunken ship or part of a pontoon.. just thinking about it gives me the shivers.

I am fascinated by wrecks etc, but I have no wish to actually see a wreck in real life (quite happy to see photos)

I think this started from when I was quite young (probably 10ish) I was forced to snorkel at a local reef as a school exercise, I saw an old anchor about 5 metres away from a very very old spanish ship (hence why this area was so popular) i just freaked out.. to the point of having issues breathing.

I remember once my ex attempted to force me onto a centuary old tug boat that although wasn't actually submerged, it was partly beached. I froze, started having issues breathing and just couldn't move or talk... the more he tried to push me the more I freaked!

Interestingly enough, I have started to realise that my phobia also partly extends to large old man made "things" an example is I once was bushwalking, pushing my way through shrubbery, and quite literally came face to face with an old rusted out (and very very large) hay baler, obviously abandoned. This also caused me to show signs of a panic attack.

My phobia is so bad that if I stand down wind of a "scary thing" I freak out with the wind/water touching me if I think it could have touched the object. It's just creepy!!!!

Fear of underwater mechanical objects & old submarines/ships - LynnieLL - 08-30-2011 02:46 PM

Well hello!

I'm an adventurous female, in my 40s & have a similar weird phobia. I've seen various postings but this is my first time putting thoughts to the keyboard. Forgive the length. I THOUGHT I'd type this up quick-like but realize I succeeded in some kind of therapy session. However, the phobia hasn't left me! Wink

I HATE Scared murky FRESH water of any depth beyond a mudpuddle, any deep, clean water that you can't see the bottom (as in a beautiful, clear green reservoir or lake). Loathe the idea that some reservoirs have "towns" beneath them, i.e. buildings, tombstones, telephone poles, trees, fences, etc. Yes, even though I always look at topography/depth maps to get a general idea of the depth and discover the water may be a nice 50, 72, 150 feet deep; a zero chance of me actually encountering any of this.

I am NOT afraid of crisp, clear, well-lit swimming pools or similarly clear calm lagoon-like water (fresh or ocean), say as in snorkeling (as long as you can see bottom & it only has rocks & fish in it or "freshly" dropped goggles or clean, definable, small things w/OUT moss): No tangly tree roots or vegetation (mounds of soggy leaves, seaweed, water plants, etc.), no mucky mud-caked the bottom, no man-made debris or things that "shouldn't be there" especially if they've been there long enough to grow moss- eeewwwww, Sick3 blech), are jutting out and especially if I stumble upon them but can't see them. Some things that ARE supposed to be there: underwater dock anchors attached with cabels & buoys... Not good. I AM ok with moss on rocks in a stream... It's just moss on things that shouldn't be there, like an old shoe or a big piece of metal or water-logged fallen trees, sunken or half-sunken boats or docks.

The thought of my BARE feet dangling in it that makes me cringe but I also don't even like "looking" at murky water Confused. I don't have the fear so much in the ocean when wading in from a beach. Maybe it's because the things that geek me out aren't as abundant in the ocean? The ocean is deep & you can't see the bottom, like a reservoir, yet the thought doesn't bother me as much.

But my feet. MY BARE FEET seem to be the key because it seems like I wouldn't feel the fear if I was directly in the water but had on very secure, thick rubbery swimming shoes of some kind that come past my ankles. The thing is: I hate wearing water shoes while swimming!

This phobia does NOT include sea life (even though I wouldn't want to wade alongside a great white, swim into an angry crab or find myself next to a copper head, poisonous snake). OTHER than centipedes, I'm not weird about bugs either (can't squish 'em tho, deliberate or accidental; gross-me-out) But aren't centipedes a kinda "normal" phobia? hahaha

It's weird because I was raised in a world of abundant freshwater & outdoor activities... My parents always had a boat; I was a pretty, little monkey dare-devil. Blob5 I loved, loved swimming, skiing, canoeing, dirt bikes & ATV's. I learned to water ski at 8, slalom (1 ski) at 11, rode inner-tubes, wakeboards, etc. My experiences were both lake/reservoir and a large river that was occasionally murky due to rain/sediment. We also vacationed along the southern Atlantic coast & Florida/Gulf of Mexico.

I don't know HOW this weird and bothersome fear started.

MAYBE it all started here: Age 5. When I was beginning to swim dockside, I always wore a "ski-belt", a puffy belt with a rubberized coating that you wear around your waist as a float-aid. I couldn't swim without it. At age 5, I finished swimming & took off my ski-belt. I was on the dock with my mom who was laying out or reading; not really paying attention to me. Within minutes, I excitedly decided to run & jump off the end of the dock as I always did but had forgotten I wasn't wearing my belt. I remember it still "felt" like it was around me. I was confused because the water was just over my head on my tip-toes. I kept sinking then jumping up, flailing to get mom's attention. It felt like forever but probably only lasted seconds until she jumped in to "save" me. I don't know if the water was clear or murky in actuality, but when I relive it in my mind, it seems murky. This event scared the bejeezus out of me but I didn't have "the fear" yet. I eventually swam "like a fish" as mom describes me.

Age 8: The next thing I remember having this issue with began when I first learned to ski at age 8. I HATED this specific spot where shore-side trees had fallen and lodged sideways in the bottom. The branches jutted out above the water and I knew there were a billion more beneath the water. As a little kid w/little control skiing behind the boat, I hated when my dad turned away from that spot. It forced me outside the wake and straight toward the branches until the boat completed the turn & pulled away. I always froze stiff, hung onto the handles with a white-knuckled death-grip, terrified of falling into the water near those branches. It was no secret and my sadist-dad started intentionally steering me over there, laughing at me. After that, I remember noticing and being freaky about ANY tree sticking out of the water, ANYWHERE I skiied. As my skill improved, I wasn't as terrified. I became a highly skilled, dare-devil slalom skiier. However, I NEVER risked wiping out near those trees (they were there as long as I can remember) or any others.

Age 13, 14: Freaky water fear was more gripping. I started to not let my feet dangle anytime I was in deep water and wouldn't get in or ski in (I LOVED skiing) water when it was murky. If I dropped while skiing, I immediately grabbed my ski or swam to it with my feet kicking very "shallowly" it if I wiped out. Then I'd wait, floating on my back with my ski across my waist & my legs & feet as close to the top as I could hold them til the boat circled to get me. I could no longer swing from the highest, most daring spot from our favorite tree ropes because I was eeeeked out by "things" I might kick or step on but not be able to see. I started becoming uneasy when canoeing closely to objects that "shouldn't be there" (man-made things that were not there on purpose, mossy things even if man-made (like docks that developed the normal, algae growth), or trees. I felt like my canoe would flip over or I'd lose my balance.

College years: Add CLEAR, DEEP water to: out of place objects I can or can't see & murky water. I was boating with my h.s. sweetheart at one of the clean, deep (so I thought), green reservoirs we sometimes visited. We must have been in an unusually shallow spot because as the boat was pulling me out of the water & my body is nearing where the propeller started to "go", I saw murky mud being churned. At this time, I'm a very competent skiier and can get out of the water from the ugliest of conditions or the wimpiest of slow-tugging boats. BUT I freaked out & couldn't get out & onto the top of the water (to safety) on my ski when I saw that very visible cafe au lait colored water I was being pulled through. Ashamed0005 I remember trying several more times with the same result. Mad0228 To this day, I can't recall if I ever became water-top. All I remember is that icky water and beig aware of just how shallow the previous, seemingly serene, calm, deep-green colored really was.

Since then: It's never waned. I don't have a boat but when I do have the opportunity, I cannot resist taking a spin on a ski, only in deep, clear reservoirs and NEVER where theres remote possibility of some gross tree sticking up.

Okay, so that's it. My first and gargantuous posting on my weird phobia. Out there to the universe.

Now. Will you just go away, weird phobia? Oops

RE: Fear of underwater mechanical objects & old submarines/ships - Globetrotter - 09-05-2011 02:05 AM

Hi LynnieLL Wave

Welcome to the forum!

There’s nothing wrong with a long post - it’s good to vent! Cool

Reading your experiences, you’ve certainly been through a lot.

From your earlier ones particularly, I can definitely identify with how you came to develop your phobia. It’s a shame parents don’t have any idea of the possible implications when they treat their children in a certain way (you dad intentionally steering you to the spot, laughing at you).

Have you ever thought about seeking some help for your phobia? e.g hypnotherapy.

RE: Fear of underwater mechanical objects & old submarines/ships - heathertreat - 09-08-2011 09:43 AM

I have this same fear! It applies to almost anything in a large body of water. I'm really scared of buoys, water towers, and the tank in the back of the toilet too!

RE: Fear of underwater mechanical objects & old submarines/ships - christylou - 09-09-2011 03:12 PM

Hi there--I happened to do a google search of this tonight and came across this forum. I was amazed to see that others have this same fear. In fact, I just had to register and post!

I have had this phobia for as long as I can remember and have no idea where it came from. I didn't grow up near a pool, lake, etc., bu have such a fear of man made things in water. I have a pool in my back yard and love to swim, but if something falls in the pool, I'm gone! My husband was out of state for one week and we had a huge wind storm that blew 2 patio chairs into the pool. I absolutely freaked out. I refused to open the blinds and wouldn't go in the back yard for the entire week that he was gone. Everybody that I mention this phobia to thinks it is so odd and they've never heard of it before. It's so nice to know that I'm not alone in this. Thanks for sharing!

RE: Fear of underwater mechanical objects & old submarines/ships - Snooks - 09-09-2011 03:44 PM

Hello Christylou,

One of the problems with phobias is that people think that they are either the only person, or part of a very small group that have an issue....nothing can be further from the truth and there are many people that have the same phobia as you.

Do you happen to know when it first started, or when it was first evident that you had a problem?

By the way, welcome to the forum Smile

RE: Fear of underwater mechanical objects & old submarines/ships - christylou - 09-10-2011 04:51 PM

(09-09-2011 03:44 PM)Snooks Wrote:  Hello Christylou,

One of the problems with phobias is that people think that they are either the only person, or part of a very small group that have an issue....nothing can be further from the truth and there are many people that have the same phobia as you.

Do you happen to know when it first started, or when it was first evident that you had a problem?

By the way, welcome to the forum Smile

Thanks for the welcome! I actually can remember having this phobia ever since I was little (at least 5 years old), but can't think of anything that may have triggered it. The background of phobias is definitely an interesting subject.

RE: Fear of underwater mechanical objects & old submarines/ships - Snooks - 09-10-2011 07:35 PM

Phobias are a very interesting issue and its amazing what can trigger them off. Sometimes it can be something that seems so insignificant, but the results can be very distressing for the afflicted person.

Hopefully readin and conversing in the forum may give you a few tips or ideas that you can put to good use. If not, you at least know that you are amongst friends that suffer from very similar conditions.

RE: Fear of underwater mechanical objects & old submarines/ships - wsimpson86 - 12-12-2011 03:07 PM

I have the same phobia, but mine also deals with large objects and parts of ships even when they are not in water. Does anybody know how to get over this phobia? I surely don't want to face my fears! The thing is is that I'm into shipwrecks and want a career in it, but then I'd never be able to dive to the wreck. I cannot seem to come up with any idea why I'm scared of stuff underwater.

RE: Fear of underwater mechanical objects & old submarines/ships - Snooks - 12-12-2011 07:13 PM

The problem is that affecting a cure, involves facing your fear at some stage.

It will of course be in a controlled fashion and at a suitable pace, but you are certainly going to need professional assistance.

I know it sounds scary, but imagine how great you will feel if you can conquer the fear and perhaps dive on a wreck? You can.....it will take time and it wont be easy, but seek help and you can achieve this goalSmile