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My 'cure' for fear of flying ... - drzard - 04-28-2012 10:51 AM

(note to mod: I also posted this under fear of heights - not sure which one this was more appropriate to - please remove one if you feel this is spamming - thank you!)

I have discovered a cure ... sort of.

I have a fear of heights - I get numb when I'm near them - so you can imagine my fear of flying.

Anyway, one unusual method I've discovered is this: do something involving heights, but detach yourself through-out the ordeal by doing something focused, like making a movie!

Here's my attempt: I made a movie about my fear of flying, and took a helicopter ride in the process.



I detached myself by being so involved in the filming (20 minute flight, cut down for effect), it was like I was watching it all on a screen ... so technically I wasn't all there ... and it's only now that I realise:


Just an idea; it worked for me.