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Feel like a recluse. - Cpt_Stunning - 08-15-2010 03:42 AM

So, I went to my voluntary work today, with the homeless dogs & cats, came home, my brother & his wife came home with an Australian couple that they were putting up in their house for a few days. They were great & friendly, went out for a beer & then more, all for of them were insisting on my meeting up later for a session on drinking, I said no, I've been asked by my friends so many times, I just like having a beer, not constantly drinking all weekend, I like being around friends in small doses, having a couple of drinks, having a chat, then being on my own, knowing that they go out, have beers & shots all evening, it's just this need for people to constantly be around other people & socialise all weekend, & drink, that gets to me, when I'm happy with small doses aaround people & a bit of a chat, then go back home, do my own stuff.

Re: Feel like a recluse. - Ana - 08-16-2010 08:15 AM

If you're truly happy with spending time with people in small 'doses' and you enjoy your alone time, what's wrong with that? Who's to say that not being the kind of person that wants to spend every waking minute in the company of other people is such a bad thing? As long as you are spending some time with other people, I see nothing wrong with enjoying your time to yourself and turning down invitations to go out with friends. The only problem there is that people tend to get tired of inviting people out and having their invitations denied. So, you need to be careful not to get to the point where you stop being invited out.

Either way, I don't think you fit the description of a recluse. Like I said, I don't see anything wrong with you not wanting to go out drinking with friends or enjoying your alone time.

Re: Feel like a recluse. - Cpt_Stunning - 09-18-2010 05:35 AM

Thanks for the reply Ana, it's just that, I dunno, I sort of feel bad bad that I had a younger brother who got married & moved out & in a nice house, trying for kids, & here's me, 36, still at home with my parents -spend loads of time in my room - I feel bad, my parents have been so good about it. I dunno, it's just that I like my life, I just can't live normally, meet a woman, get married & plan for kids & all that.