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AMAXOPHOBIA: I hate being a passenger - megz4221 - 08-10-2012 08:29 AM

Hi, first time on here, but I have little panick attacks or anxiety attacks when riding in the car with someone. I feel that they aren't stopping in time or they don't see what I see further up ahead, or i just feel like they are going to get in a wreck all the time. i hate the feeling. I thought that it was because I've been in 2 car accidents but the only one that I thought that scared me was when I got hit from behind. Until I started riding with my friend and she rides on people's butts and doesnt stop when i feel like she needs to stop. And it is the same thing with my fiance. He jokes around with me so I'm not that bad but I just have to look away. I can drive my car just fine but the part of me riding with someone and im not in control of driving or stopping in time is my problem. My imaginary passenger break is on all the time and my leg is starting to get tired of it! Smile Does anyone else that has this issue know what I could do to help it? I don't want to start driving everywhere for people. I just want to get over it!! Please help!!!

RE: AMAXOPHOBIA: I hate being a passenger - Snooks - 08-12-2012 09:38 AM

Hello megz4221 and welcome to the forumSmile

I understand how you feel, i certainly dont like being a passenger with some Drivers, though its not at the level of being called a Phobia.

I dont know how we can cure your Phobia though its easily controlled, simply by ensuring that you do the driving. Then perhaps you can gradually do short journeys with a trusted person, this way you can hopefully become accustomed and reduce your fear?

RE: AMAXOPHOBIA: I hate being a passenger - MonaMac - 10-25-2017 01:51 PM