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Fear of shower head/shower pump - Carmental9 - 01-22-2013 09:19 AM

Ok basically I have a very awkward situation at the moment and have done for quite a while, a few years back (5-7 years) my dad installed a new bathroom, i never really had any problems with anything to do with the bathroom, and I get told that we are getting a really powerful power show and I was quite excited, anyways during the process of him fitting the bathroom (btw he mad a bathroom down stairs connected up with the twin power shower pump) I went in there as I was only like seven and just generally being curious, I ended up turning one of the knobs on the wall, and baring In mind all that was really in there was the pump, the pipes and the wall tileing, anyways not thinking it was all hooked up and active I turned the knob and the pump starting running (scarily loud no joke) and I legged it out of there told
My dad it just turned on and the water was gushing out the pipes, anyways after this experiance and both bathrooms fitted, I tried the shower downstairs for the first time, now I kinda remembered the noise of that pump I guess an then from the second I turned on our new shower an heard the noise I really Dident like, I managed the first few showers ok but then the fear got worse and I obviously turned it on the wrong way and the pump made a few weird noises an it creeped me
Out, soon after I made my mum put the shower in the sink in the wetroom and so I couldn't see the bottom of the head as I creeped me out for no foreseeable reason. Then after a while I started taki g baths and told my mum to put the head by the bath on the floor and wrap the head in a towel or flannel or something, soon after this I could happily just run a bath an be done with it, then one day once again I must of turned it off too slowly and the pump made a few weird noises again ( baring in mind this pump today still makes quite a loud noise weather it's running normally or not) and since that an up to now, my mum turns the bath on, turns it off and wraps the towel round the shower head so I can bath, everyday. This phobia only happens to me if I hear loud shower pumps or those shower heads with the rubber jets sticking out of it If you know what I mean, I'm not that keen on the wall mounted pumps either but I can live with that, also I'm a 14 year old boy. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

RE: Fear of shower head/shower pump - flyingfromtheearth - 09-28-2013 11:03 AM

lol im 14 years old too and i have a fear of shower heads,i dont know why but i have always been scared maybe it is because i think it will fall out and hit me??????
Even my own home shower i am scared of it especially if it is the big shower heads that are usually in hotels.Dont worry you are not the only one!