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RE: Fear of Google Maps Satellite Images -.- - emmaooliveira - 08-11-2017 08:09 AM

I have the exact same fear as you, I hate using google maps and nowadays I can only use it for my country (Portugal) and New York (sometimes) because I went there a few months ago so I had to use it (even though I had to prepare myself mentally before checking the map). Islands and the ocean are a no for me, as I hate the idea of being sucked to the middle of no where, or being in the middle of the ocean, even though it's impossible to be drawn to such places just by looking into google maps. It gives me chills and I feel like I will drown. Don't even get me started with Google Earth, haven't been there since I was a child which makes me think that something like those G.E. glitches that bring us to the middle of the ocean happened and I just couldn't go there anymore. It only happens with these kinds of maps (GM/GE) as I have no problem with "paper" maps. I also can't look at galaxies, planets and everything related to outer space, I fear the "nothing" and the emptiness. I wish I could just look at those Earth livestreams or play games like Geoguesser because it seems so much fun and I feel like I'm missing out. I see where it can be a hurdle if I'm travelling and need to check online maps so I guess my only option it to rely on good old paper maps!

I feel really good now that I said all this because a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and now I know I'm not the only one..
Sorry for being late here but this was the best thing that I found about fear of maps