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Extreme needle phobia - ryios - 02-28-2015 07:21 AM

So I have a needle phobia where I can experience vasovagal attacks. However it's so extreme that I can induce it by thought, or normal conversation. I do not actually have to get injected. It is also not exactly tied to needles either.

As an example:

I had a friend a while back explaining to me about a time he got stabbed in the stomach. He was going into vivid details with lots of hand gestures, causing me to imagine the scenario to happen to myself. Upon doing so I had an instant attack and collapsed right on the stairs in front of him.

Back farther, in Fifth grade the school was doing the measles mumps and rubella(*spelling*) vaccine. My mother new about my condition (or fears) and scheduled to have me vaccinated privately so I would not have to get it at school with all my class mates. However, when it was time for the school shots, I had to line up with the rest of the class and go to the cafeteria where I sat at a table while everyone got their shots behind the curtains. I could hear some of the kids cry, say ouch, and then come out and brag about their war stories. Me imagining myself getting the shot the entire time, but I was sitting down so was still conscious. Then the class get's up to go back to class and down I go. Next thing I remember was waking up with a crowd around me laying in a puddle of blood because I hit my head on a concrete wall on the way to the ground.

So over time I have developed more of a fear for the vasovagal reaction than needles or sharp objects.

I can hold a knife or needle just fine and nothing happens. But if I imagine myself getting stabbed with it (or actually get stabbed with it), or myself getting injected, within minutes I'll pass out if I don't intervene.

Over time I have learned to control the reaction to a degree that I can feel it coming. When I feel one coming on I know to immediately secure myself near the ground (like laying down) as to prevent injury should I actually lose consciousness. I also know that leveling myself out helps spread blood flow better and can prevent me from passing out.

However, that feeling, overall is dreadful. It's like your soul is being sucked out of you by a Demontor in the Harry Potter universe.

And I can tell you that in that unconscious state, I have the weirdest, trippiest dreams you could ever imagine that I remember vividly when I regain consciousness.

The example from fifth grade, I dreamed I detached from my body, I was looking down on my lifeless self, hovering maybe 10 feet above with the ability to look around, but no control over my floating self. The scenery around me was that of a heaven and hell. My body was laying in a shallow river, one side of the river was storms, lightning and fires ablaze everywhere. The other side was a bright, lush, summer meadow with bright sunlight. It was like I was drifting back and forth sometimes towards the storm, sometimes towards the meadow. And all I could remember thinking to myself was go towards the meadow. Then as I woke up I could feel myself being sucked back down into my body (in the dream), and then seeing the cafeteria ceiling and all the kids around me.

I'm so terrified of that reaction, and those kind of dreams, that I basicaly avoid anything and everything that I think might trigger them. The biggest one being going to the dentist, that's the worst.

However in the event I do go to the doctor for blood work, or the dentist, they all know.

My dentist stalls and buys time while he and his assistant set up conversations to distract me. She'll focus my attention to the side so I am looking sideways and the dentist will come in from the other side with the novocaine so that by the time I realize what he's done, it's over and I have little time to visualize the process and I do ok.

Blood work, they know to have a soda, crackers, and a bed for me to lie on while they draw the blood.


But yeah, this phobia sucks.