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Fear of injury - Enna555 - 07-05-2015 12:30 PM

I was never diganosed whit my phobia and I dont recive any theraphy for it. But it started when I was around 11. On my mothers side of the family there is a problem that affects our knees and it happend to me. Since then it started to change my life. I used to love running and being outside but now i cant anymore. It affect my so much that nobody can touch my knees or i cant see anything on that on tv without getting a panic attack. I stopped walking to much or doing anything to physical. And if I dont workout there is a bigger chance of that happening to me again (happend 3 times ) and I will have to have surgery and my phobia is affecting that too. But i cant start working out im to afraid. And i dont know how to break this cycle. I cant do anything anymore I even whatch the way I walk , that I dont do sudden movements or turn while putting pressure on my legs . And if i feel a little bit of pain around my knees I feel like im going to faint. And i havent told my parent how much it really affects me .

Does anybody have a simmialar phobia and how do you deal with it?

Sorrry for mistakes english is not my first lanuage.