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is my phobia unusual? - sea_creature - 06-03-2016 08:59 PM

Hello. I found this forum while randomly searching the internet for information on a very specific phobia that's troubling me for some years now. I'm 20 and I'm generally afraid of open spaces since I was about 14 or 15, although I also remember some mild instances of this phobia from my childhood.

It's not just about open spaces. I'm afraid to cross parking lots, empty squares, beaches with no trees or umbrellas, large empty rooms, but I'm also afraid of walking through long corridors, walking next to long high walls etc. It's like I'm afraid of any space with large dimensions, any space with nothing to grab onto. I feel like I'll fall into the void or something.

I watch football and I can't help but think that I could never cross a football field, I've had panic attacks in the long corridors of the metro, I take long to arrive somewhere on foot because I'm avoiding crossing empty large streets.

Some people in this http://www.ofear.com/t-fear-of-large-open-areas thread described what I believe is the same thing, but the thread is very old...

So, does anyone of you experience this some days annoying - some days debilitating thing? I feel so stupid for feeling like this but I can't overcome it!

RE: is my phobia unusual? - WhyWeFear - 06-21-2016 03:50 PM

That definitely doesn't sound like something you should feel stupid about. It may even be associated with agoraphobia. Despite being often linked to social anxieties, agoraphobia can also be the cause of a fear of open spaces.