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Fear Of Terms and Conditions - LemonLime - 09-08-2016 05:59 AM

Does anyone else have a fear of Terms and Conditions? I fear I will not be able to keep them perfectly, no matter how hard I try and it's ruining my life. For example I have to read all the Terms before I use anything and it's very time-consuming. Even if I'm not using a company's website, I read the Terms because sometimes they apply even if you are shopping at a physical store. I go to few physical stores and visit few websites to have to avoid all of the reading or if they have Terms I'm afraid of. I'm picky about the Terms I will and won't agree to. I'm especially afraid of agreeing to Terms that have an automatic termination clause in them and generally don't use websites or products that have this in their terms. I'm afraid that I won't be able to keep them perfectly and it's my unprofessional understanding that one mistake means you can't use that website ever again. My world is becoming smaller and smaller. I don't own a smartphone because the Terms scare me. If someone buys me a gift card and I don't like the Terms associated with it, I give it away. I've begun to dread birthdays and Christmas because I don't know what the Terms are of the gifts they bought me so I don't really like receiving gifts anymore. I don't have internet at home because I can't find an internet company with "safe" Terms. I need a new computer badly but am having trouble finding one with a EULA I'm OK with...I could go on and on.
I fear that I soon won't be able to live a normal life anymore as more and more products become digitized or smart. I don't know how I can be cured as I see reading Terms and abiding by them is a good thing and I don't want to become a person who disregards contracts. Anyone else have the same problem?

RE: Fear Of Terms and Conditions - guidomista - 07-10-2018 03:25 AM

i'm definitely not as severe as you, but every since i saw a certain episode of south park, ive been a bit suspicious of what could be hiding in the terms and conditions.

maybe you've seen it? the episode was 'the human cent-i-pad', and hidden in the agreement for some apple bullshit, it BASICALLY said 'we can use you in a human centipede experiment'

ever since then, ive always tried to skim the terms of things before i agree to them.. nowhere near as bad as you, and not even really Completely reading it, but it did bring up a good point to me that i could be agreeing to something i REALLY didn't want to, and i should be more careful with it...
NOT TO MENTION a lot of free programs ive tried downloading say things like "we can download these other programs to your PC" and blah blah blah.
(speaking of which, whenever youre installing anything like that, you should check "advanced installation"/"expert installation"... really it's never anything expert at all, it's just checking the extra adware programs not to install.

... good luck with overcoming your fear though!! i believe it sounds like you could