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EFT [Emotional Freedom Techniques] - willingtolearn - 10-16-2016 08:49 PM

Hi Everyone
I am new here and was just reading through the prior threads in this section of the message board and was surprised to see that there was no mention of EFT.
I have been working with this technique for about 15 years and have had great success with it helping myself and others in fact I believe in it so much I even have a website about it.
Most recently I have had a fear of public speaking that I helped with EFT
I haven't helped anyone recently in regards to phobias but I did help someone once with a snake phobia.
There have been "Spin offs" from EFT which I find quite strange as it's already great the way it is so why would you want to change something that has already had many university tests in the standard format,especially when the newer versions never work as well.
I think it's important to stick to it exactly as it was developed because I sometimes see people altering the technique.
It would be good to hear from others about their experiences with this?
Thanks to the creators of this board ,i'm sure it is a great help to many people.