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Surgery tomorrow - Need Encouragement - fencergirl816 - 10-19-2016 01:40 AM


I stumbled across this forum and I feel better knowing I'm not the only one who is also going through this. I have a severe fear of needles. I don't do anything with needles and avoid it at all costs. Tomorrow morning, I have to be knocked out for surgery on my knee that has been hurting my movement and ability to even go up a few stairs.

I'm deathly afraid of IV's and needles and I know they are giving me meds to make me loopy, but I'm still scared to death. Has anyone else ever gone through this? How did you "get over" it and get it done?

I've been going through panic attacks for the past 3 weeks and now that it's tomorrow, I'm really stressing.

Thanks in advance, everyone!