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Fear of Open spaces, mountains and large objects. - skjo0c - 04-07-2017 10:09 PM

I am new to the forum and searching for the name of my phobia and it's treatment. I have 2 problems and doesn't mix up. I am scared to look up when I am in the open spaces even if it's in the football ground but okay when surrounded by the buildings or people. This doesn't end up my fear. When there's a building or any large objects like of 20-30 ft, I can't look up even when I am around people. The fear goes away as soon as I have a roof.
I recently traveled Mustang, Nepal hoping to reduce my phobia where there is nothing but the mountains. I was good when traveling from bus, but couldn't step out of it because of the open spaces and big mountains. I feared to look up while climbing up the mountains but had no trouble looking down as soon as I reached the top of the mountain. I was still unable to look around having much more bigger mountains on my right side but was good to look around another bigger mountain on the left side which was far away.
I have tried to search everywhere, but was not able to find out my exact problem. I want to get over this fear. Hope I get some help in this forum.

RE: Fear of Open spaces, mountains and large objects. - HighlandKnight - 04-08-2017 03:40 AM

Hello! I have a very similar (perhaps identical) phobia. I can't look up at high buildings, and I don't feel comfortable in wide open spaces. I can't go to sporting events like football or concerts in a large stadium unless I have direct access to an exit to an enclosed space.

I use the term "agoraphobia" to describe my condition, but it doesn't really work.