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Taking the Bull by the Horns - valeriee - 08-09-2017 01:05 AM

The way I see it, the problem (or should I say dealing the with problem) isn't us, it's the medical community. There are few things that need to happen. 1. this subject has to have more of a presence in the medical literature. including, in medical journals, informational ads, letters to the editor, articles. 2. there needs to be more scientific research. something is going on here, and there must be some related biological markers. personally, I think it's serum dopamine sulfate, but what do I know. I'm not talking research on mice (although that is absolutely critical) - I'm talking about finding some sort of biological indicator to establish that there is something physical going on. 3. if push comes to shove, this needs to be classified as a bona fide disability in the legal sense. if we have the legal designation of having a disability, there will be much more pressure on the medical community to work with us in finding workable solutions. At the very least, we won't be barred from getting at least partial treatment. These things are pretty big tasks and would require organization and funding. So, we either find a Ralph Nader type and crowd source, get the pharmaceutical and medical equipment manufacturers who would stand to benefit from making accomodations for us to push for this effort, or approach it from a legal angle - ACLU, disabilities legal advocates. And most of all, start educating yourself about what is happening to your body. needlephobia.com is a good starting point (I think that is the right site), the book "Anxious" by the guru of fear neuroscience Jospeh LeDoux, youtube videos made by LeDoux too are good. Don't let all the big words intimidate you. And don't be deterred by those who don't understand. What we suffer from is not a purely psychological problem. It is a wiring problem in our brains and possibly other parts of our bodies. Some types of 'fear' can be addressed in psychotherapy alone, others can NOT. The understanding of the brain is still evolving, and many people, even in the medical and psychological community, simply have no understanding of the biochemistry of this issue. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER and the more you learn the more you will free yourself from feeling like this is some sort of character flaw.