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Fear of Heights but not all the time? - retro6 - 09-27-2017 05:50 AM

Hi I have a fear of heights since I went to a fishing platform as a kid with my family. It was in the middle of the ocean, made of bamboo with holes big enough for me to slip thru, but not adults. Fast forward to today, Im still afraid of step ladders, open air hallways about 3 floors or higher, staring at high ceilings, and any other location that is high and has wind.

I am however, completely ok with closed environments unless its a glass floor which I am standing on (A fully closed foot bridge is fine, such as those seen between two buildings). For example, a closed hotel window and staring down is absolutely fine, even if its a full body window. I mean I eventually scare myself if i think of falling and stuff like that but I dont feel the same panic unless I willingy try to induce it. If you ask me to change lightbulb tho, unless its a table or a solid chair, I will be able to go up but my balance feels wrong and I could easily fall. 4 steps up a ladder, now its bad, I sweat, I zone in, Im frozen. The worst possible place would be a bridge crossing especially if I have to walk.

I have no fear of flying, I love the window seat. BTW I also feel the same tension when I look at the bottom of the ocean and wondering what could be under there or even if I see the bottom, I would feel like Im falling, even though I can swim and float easily. So snorkeling in deep water triggers it too, but not while im on the boat or even swimming in it.

Do I have to expose myself to each of these areas in order to get over the fear of heights? A lot of offices and classrooms in university and work have corridors that are open air with high floors, so everyday always seems to be a challenge and I try to hug the wall as much as I can whenever I need to go to these places.