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Nomophobia - Kmo86 - 11-11-2017 01:38 AM

Is this a real phobia? It’s supposed to be the fear of being without a mobile or losing you mobile. I’ve read around half of people have this phobia. I’m wondering if it’s a real phobia as everyone has mobiles now and for anyone it would be a big inconvenience to have to go without it for a set time. Any other phobia wouldn’t bother people without the phobia being faced with it. Like if you don’t have fear of heights it won’t bother you being high up. Or if you don’t have fear of spiders you would be fine holding them.

I don’t have fear of being without my mobile tho I’m hardly ever without it like just about everyone else. I do try to make sure the battery lasts I have 2 phone cases that charge it. It is more that I’m so used to being able to contact people when I want, play games when I want, look up something on internet when I want, get photo or video anytime. More convenience than anything. I’m guessing younger people are more effected by this phobia if it is real as they have grown up with mobiles. I’ve had one from being 13 and I was one of first people to get one just before everyone got them. My younger cousin had one come being in junior school and his little sister who’s only 4 has got one and knows how to use it.