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Lice or Phobia - dianne2018 - 01-04-2018 03:41 AM

Here's the deal,I was around my best friend's kids Friday & Sunday. My best friend calls Sunday afternoon and tells me she found lice on her daughter. I immeadiately freak out and go and get checked by the nurse nothing but dandruff. I used Rexall,Vinegar, Mayo, Conditioner without evidence of lice. I was wondering if I could have irritated my scalp? I haad my friend look and she only The saw dandruff that disappeared when I washed. my hair. It has been almost three weeks since the incident wouldn't I have known somethig by now? I have these sores in my head that my friend popped and said fluid came out I think the treatments I used brought them out. I have this "itch" going on to where its like prickles of heat on my entire head that I swear is lice running a marathon. My friends older two boys didn't get it and neither did she and she shares a bed with the girl. If they didn't get it how the heck did I?!?! A lice expert told me that not everyone that comes in contact with it gets it. I can't handle being one of those people that has piles of bugs falling out of their hair. My gf gave me a hug and if I have it she has it Sad She has eczema bad! Did I create an itch by treating something that possibly isn't there when I wash and dry my hair my itch goes away. If I don't think about it it doesn't itch but as soon as I think about it it itches. So much conflicting information on the internet. I pulled out my hair literally so could the it be hair regrowth or just the natural movement of hair.

RE: Lice or Phobia - matthewtweedie - 04-26-2018 02:43 PM

sorry it sounds funny....try not to use comb, towel and not to share bed with person who have lice. It spread by joining head together and bu using things which used to dress up hair....its not phobia you are gone through with misconception of spreading lice