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Tachophobia or The Fear of Speed - Surreal - 06-12-2018 11:04 PM

I'm new here and I was searching forums about phobias when I discovered this one today.
One of the phobias that make me suffer the most since I can remember is the fear of speed. Unfortunately nowadays everything moves very fast and I just can't take that frantic way of life.
When I was a child my family tells me that when I was in a car trip I wold grab my seat and scream that I was going to fall. I lived in an Island for many years and the bus driving there is very bumpy due to the irregular ground. I tried to go on boat trips when I was studying in a hotel business school and in the last trip I went home with a bit of a fever although I had motion sickness medication. Plain travels with turbulence was not fun either not beacause of the fear of flying but because of the fear of motion.
All the types of transportations are hard for me to endure their trips but I think that going on train trips it the least problematic because the motion is not so uneven.
I cannot have fun it carnivals because I cannot go on fast attractions or even on carroussels.
I suffer a lot with motion because I can get dizzy and have a very strong sinking feeling as if my heart and my stomach are jumping and tring to leave my body. My heartbeat quickens its pace and I feel weak and helpless. Even when I see something or someone moving very fast I feel nervous and with all the previous mentioned sensations.
I think that the plain flights are the worst because they are the fastest and all I can do is try to curl in a ball with my seatbelt in place or title my head to the window side so that I cannot feel the motion so much. This helps a lot when the plain lands because I don't feel like falling so much.

Sometimes when I dream and even though the dream doesn't have any images, I feel the same motion problem as if something was throwing me in the air many times and I don't even know in the dream where the motion is coming from. It can be quite scary and ennerving.
I think that the main problema is that I am very sensitive and feel everything quite intensely regarding motion issues.However I had to adapt in order to try to live a normal life.