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Hello ofear world its me agian! - lizzypoo92 - 07-10-2019 06:17 PM

I was on this site a long while back when I was younger and struggling a lot with my anxieties and fears, and today I am back. Every time I came back to this lovely little forum I always found what I needed, even if it was as simple as telling me "hey go to a therapist and get some help" like that last time I strolled on through again a bit over a year ago. Even without expecting or knowing what I was looking for/needing this site and the wonderful community on it has always seemed to help.
So, Now I am back again this time not with a clear understanding of what is happening just with a general knowledge that my anxieties are on the rise and with that comes the phobias. I figured this time as the fears and phobias rise I can have a place to come to, to help me understand exactly what it is that I am going threw and hopefully through that lead a healthier happier life. Because this time, I am not a child hiding from her crazy screwed up family. This time I am an adult about to be married and living with a perfectly normal happy though sometimes erratic family. A family that I would very much like to be a part of but fear I may never be...
Anyway, for now HI! I am lizzy and I suffer from being a bit crazy and afraid of just about everything. lol

RE: Hello ofear world its me agian! - Snooks - 07-14-2019 04:46 PM

Hello Lizzy, you sound well and it is great to see you dropping in and visiting the forum.

Like most forums, very few people post in them anymore. They drop by and read the posts, they get assistance from the articles, but actually posting, that rarely happens.

So I hope that you are well, look through the threads and just remember what was happening before. From your introduction you sound a very vibrant, outgoing and stable young Lady. You may be a bit crazy and that may well be of assistance in life. LOL We all need to allow ourselves to have fun, to act a little crazy and to unwind and refresh our bodies.

You sound fine Smile Have a read and I am sure that you will agree with me Smile